Luann Spencer-Steele


LSS Counseling


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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a process in which you and I explore your feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and/or attitudes about what you are facing. We will look at experiences and how they are affecting your life today; identify any aspects of your life you would like to change, and set goals for those changes.

Couples Therapy A couple walking together.

Couples therapy helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. Rebuilding your relationship involves better communication skills; skills to bring you closer together and bring resolution by discussing trust, respect and love.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy brings families stability. The family is continuously evolving and growing. As changes occur, families experience stress and feel unstable. In therapy, each family member works to help each other to more fully understand their own uniqueness, bringing the family to a deeper relationship.

Certified Specialized Services

Certified Member of International Association of Trauma Professionals

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Trauma is experienced by most people at some time in their life.  Traumatic events often leave their mark on an individual, if not physically, they leave their mark in the mind and emotions.  Psychotherapy can help to regain self-control into an individual’s life; learning tools to address symptoms and developing coping strategies.

Certified Somatic Experiencing Therapist, SEP

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Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented approach to healing trauma that is based on the life work of Peter Levine. Somatic Experiencing believes in the individual’s ability to recover from overwhelming events. The person finds their ability to restore balance to their physiological, and emotional well-being. Somatic Experiencing helps individuals to resolve difficult experiences from their past, allowing them to live life more fully in the present.

Certified EMDR Therapist

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EMDR is an integrative psychotherapy approach for the treatment of trauma. EMDR has standardized protocols that incorporate many different treatment approaches. The goal is to process distressing memories, reduce the effects of those memories, and allow an individual to develop more adaptive coping strategies. EMDR uses a technique called “Bi-lateral stimulation” to enhance an individual’s ability to move through the process.